The Bowling News is Now On-line
By Genie Franklin

Hard to believe, but we are celebrating our first year as owners of The Bowling News and we hope you have enjoyed reading the paper as much as we have enjoyed providing you the news and local stories. The bowling community as a whole is large, but it is also acts as a very small family and we are grateful you have allowed us to become a part of your family. We have met many new friends through the Spotlight and while visiting tournaments throughout the year and we are looking forward to meeting you this year. If you see any of us out and about, please come up and say hello, we always enjoy talking to you and gathering your thoughts and ideas about The Bowling News.

This past year has been busy for us as we have added at least ten new bowling centers, new feature columns and new writing staff to the paper. On a side note, we were sad to see Don Wright retire; we always enjoyed his perspective and contribution to the paper. The passing of Dick Evans, a long time contributor was also a huge loss for the bowling community. We hope you are enjoying “Off the Sheet” with the Daceman. Every time we visit with someone that article is one of the first things mentioned. You either love it or hate it, but either way you’re reading it and we appreciate it. A few of the area bowlers sent us their recap of their experiences at the USBC Open Championship in Reno this year. They were a great read and we hope to receive even more next year. Ladies, I would like to hear from you when you go to Syracuse next year. I know the ladies like to go crazy when their husbands aren’t around, so send in your brazilian hair uk.

And finally, we have made The Bowling News available online. It’s in its infancy stage right now and we hope to make it more interactive in the months to come, so please check it out, we hope you enjoy it. We have included past editions since August of last year and each week we will continue to add the current edition. The writer’s bios and emails are available to allow you to get to know them better. Send them an email and tell them how awesome they are! We wouldn’t have a paper without them. Due to limited space in the paper, we can only put in one or two pictures of tournaments or events. The Gallery page is designed so we can upload more pictures for you to view. Check back often, you may see yourself in a picture that didn’t make the paper. The Links page is available for a quick reference to bowling centers that subscribe to our paper along with pertinent organizations. And last, we have included a Contact page. Here you can email us with suggestions or comments and access current advertising prices. Although The Bowling News is available online, please pick up a hard copy to read and continue to support your local bowling center.

Fall leagues are almost here and it’s time to say farewell to the lazy days of summer. Does anyone really have any lazy days anymore? So, to kick off the fall leagues, please join us Saturday, August 28 at AMF Showplace Euless for “The Bowling News Kickoff Classic” tournament and have a relaxing time bowling with friends and family. We can’t wait to see you there.