Shannon O'Keefe finishes 3rd in the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open


Shannon O'Keefe discusses her decision to throw the new Brunswick Zombie ball and her focus during her matches.

Stefanie Nation finishes 4th in the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open


Stefanie Nation talks about the outside elements that played a part in the lane conditions, low scoring
and her ball choices.

Lynda Barnes finishes 5th in the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open


Lynda Barnes talks about the atmosphere, lane conditions and lack of game plan. Barnes also discusses
her injury and preparation for the event.

Mike Calderon behind the scenes at the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open


Mike Calderon, Ebonite ball rep, talks about the lane conditions, wind, dirt and preparing the girl's
equipment for their matches in the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open.

Chris Barnes comments on the show at the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open


Chris Barnes, color commentator behind the booth, talks about his job analyzing the tough conditions the
ladies faced during the 2012 BPAA US Women's Open on the streets of Reno, NV.

Shawn Beam - Perfect Game from a Wheelchair


Shawn Beam becomes the first person to bowl a USBC sanctioned 300 game from a wheelchair.
Cityview Lanes - Fort Worth, TX

Dee Munsell - Can a 65 year old lefty shoot 300?


Dee Munsell, a 65 year old lefty, totally dominated the Showplace Masters league last week as he shoots a perfect 300 the third game for a 699 series! Way to go Dee! Mar. 29, 2012 at AMF Showplace Lanes Euless, TX.

Brianne Hansen - 2012 Texas HS Singles Champion - Girls


Brianne Hansen, McKinney Boyd HS, defeats Kayla Endicott, Stony Point HS, 227-202 in the 2012 Texas State High School Singles Championship at AMF Showplace Lanes, Euless, TX March 25, 2012. 65 girls from across the state qualified to participate in the singles competition.

Harrison Jarvis - 2012 Texas HS Singles Champion - Boys


Harrison Jarvis, San Antonio Madison HS, defeats Mason Edmondson, Amarillo HS, in a roll-off in the 2012 Texas State High School Singles Championship at AMF Showplace Lanes, Euless, TX March 24, 2012. 65 boys from across the state qualified to participate in the singles competition.

Daceman does Vanilla Ice - Coop Farewell Tour


Brett Cooper's friends and The Bowling News staff celebrate his new job with Dexter and moving to Boston. Good Luck Coop, we'll miss you!

Chris Barnes announces a twist to the "pants bet" - WSOB 2011


Chris Barnes talks about the equipment he used to make the Shark show tv finals and how he thinks the lanes will play in the Exhibit Hall. He also gives details regarding the "pants bet" with Mika.

Mika Koivuniemi and Mike Calderon - WSOB 2011


Mika Koivuniemi and Ebonite Tour Rep Mike Calderon discuss the equipment Mika used to make the Shark show finals. Mika also gives some insight on the infamous "pants bet" with tour roommate Chris Barnes.

Exclusive Interview with Jason Belmonte - WSOB 2011


Jason Belmonte shares his insight on the WSOB 2011. He talks about equipment, accommodations, playing golf, International Art of Bowling and expecting his second child.

Dave Wodka tries for his second PBA title - WSOB 2011


I sat down with Dave Wodka for a few minutes to discuss his recent success at the WSOB in Las Vegas. He talks about his equipment, how he played the lanes, making the Scorpion pattern show and his recent move back to Las Vegas.

Franklin, Busocker & Hendrix - Showplace Masters


We captured a few more honor scores at AMF Showplace Euless during the Masters league. First up is former PBA member, 8-time regional titleist and The Bowling News Owner, Tony Franklin. Second, is the long standing league secretary and my (Genie) teammate, Donny Busocker. And third is Rob Hendrix, not taking any time on the approach to try to capture his 300.

Melanie Crawford - Allen High School Bowling


Melanie Crawford, Allen High School Bowling Team senior, demonstrates her striking ability
at Allen Bowl in Allen, TX.

Ron Williams Jr. and Frank Cantwell vie for perfect games
Has Ron Williams' arm swing changed?


Ron Williams Jr. shows off his new arm swing and vies for that elusive 300 game. A few minutes later and a few lanes away Frank Cantwell has his turn at fame as he tries for the perfect game. Which bowler do you think gets there first? AMF Showplace Lanes - Euless, TX. January 12, 2012.

DJ Archer shares his WSOB experience


Dallas/Fort Worth local DJ Archer discusses his experience at the WSOB, his family and LSU.

Josh Blanchard goes for his first PBA title this Sunday on ESPN


This Sunday on ESPN, former Wichita State University bowler Josh Blanchard, takes on Jason Belmonte,
Brian Kretzer and Mike Fagan in the PBA World Championship Mike Aulby Division Finals.

Del Ballard Jr. - Perfect Game?


Del Ballard Jr.takes a run at a perfect game during league Dec. 15 at AMF Showplace Lanes in Euless, TX.
Bonus Footage - Is Terry Taylor planking?

Sean Rash talks about his WSOB success before his first match
this Sunday on ESPN


Sean Rash recaps his success during the WSOB qualifying which enabled him to make six Championship shows. His first show airs this Sunday on ESPN which showcases the PBA World Championship Johnny Petraglia Division Finals. Rash selected the PBA's Scorpion pattern as he faces Hall of Famer Pete Weber, Ryan Ciminelli and fashionista Nathan Bohr. The winner will advance and face the other 3 division winners to vie for the Earl Anthony Trophy which will air Sunday, Jan. 15 on ESPN.

Stuart Williams and Dom Barrett dish before their match this Sunday on ESPN


Englishmen Stuart Williams and Dom Barrett share their strategy on their upcoming match in the Don Carter Division Finals. Stuart Williams also qualified for the Viper show and Dom qualified for the Scorpion Finals. The guys also discuss their friendship and living arrangements.

Dorin-Ballard Wins Women's World Bowling Tour Title


Carolyn Dorin-Ballard's 2011 World Bowling Tour post-win interview sharing her thoughts on shot-making, strategy and what her plans are for next year.

Fashion by Nathan Bohr at the WSOB


For a fun and entertaining discussion on fashion with Nathan Bohr, check out his video interview with Genie Franklin. Bohr dishes on the story behind his PBA jersey, and of course, that turquoise belt.

Who is Jackie Bowling?


A few weeks ago, after watching some of the live action on the PBA's Bowling Channel, Xtra Frame, I found myself wondering who is the girl with the microphone. The girl they refer to as Jackie Bowling. She operates as the PBA's sideline reporter; all of the players seem to know her well and respond to her well, but I'm not sure the viewing public and fans of the sport have much of an idea of where she came from. When we were out in Las Vegas last week covering the World Series of Bowling, we sat down and interviewed the mysterious Jackie Bowling.

Del Ballard Jr's Roast Video Presentation
Part 1


Del Ballard Jr's Roast Video Presentation
Part 2


View Part 3-5 below

USBC Hall of Fame
By Tony Franklin, Publisher
July 14, 201

The USBC Hall of Fame Induction ceremony was held last week at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine. There were six inductees this year, Roseanne Kuhn, Jeff Richgels, Cheryl Robinson, Wayne Webb, Carol Gianotti, and Del Ballard Jr.

It was my first time attending the USBC HOF event so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. They started off with USBC President Darlene Baker introducing the evenings’ MC, Bo Burton who then introduced current USBC HOF’ers who were in attendance, about 30 in all. Kuhn was the first on stage to be introduced and had the longest speech at around 27 minutes. Before that night I didn’t know the history of Kuhn’s contributions to the sport of bowling, but now I do. She was the WIBC President when it merged with the USBC, and a true pioneer for all things bowling. She is the epitome of the type of person that deserves to be in the USBC Hall of Fame.

From there we went to Richgels, who is a legendary bowler from Wisconsin. He is the owner of four USBC Open Championship eagles, and over 20 PBA Regional titles. He is also an opinionated journalist, and all-around funny guy. It’s a shame that his humor was lost on this crowd, many of his funny moments fell flat. He also went large with his speech at around the 25 minute mark.

As we continued on, most of the inductees made mention of the fact that they had to talk fast because Ballard was going to hog the mic like he did in his PBA HOF induction. Each person was given 15 minutes, but there was no “Oscar music” to rush them off the stage. Which brings us to Wayne Webb, who admittedly said that he didn’t like to talk in front of a crowd, and he made his speech a quick one at 8 minutes 57 seconds, sure to be the shortest of the evening.

Ballard was the last to be inducted on the evening, which I’m sure was no accident since this is his home crowd, and he did have approximately 60 friends and family in the audience. Del shocked the world by actually having the shortest speech at 8 minutes 53 seconds. However he did say that he missed a page of his acceptance speech, so it should have gone longer. All in all, it was a great night and I got to see six very deserving USBC Hall of Famers.

For Ballard and Gianotti the Hall of Fame events weren’t quite over yet. Del’s wife Carolyn had secretly planned a surprise roast of Del and Carol Gianotti for the Saturday after the HOF ceremony. There were over 50 people in attendance, I think because so many of us have always wanted the opportunity to blast Del. For the evening we had 18 “roasters” and all brought their A game to the podium. Del said that the roast was a complete surprise, and he enjoyed every minute. At the end of the night he took his shots back at all of his roasters, and spoke for 20 minutes, about three times longer than his HOF speech!

To accompany the roast, Carolyn had the guys at USBC pull a bunch of old video clips from TV shows that Del had made throughout his career. From there Genie took over and added some still pictures and music. The result is 40 minutes of greatness that shows tons of great moments from Ballard’s career, and all of the friends and family that helped make it possible. Check it out, it’s so much fun to see the old bowling shows, and yes the gutter-ball tournament makes a prominent appearance.

And speaking of the gutter-ball, the signature moment of the roast has to go to Terry Taylor who had an exact replica of the Fair Lanes Open trophy made and presented it to Del as the “trophy he should have won”. It was an absolute priceless moment and evening.

To stick with the theme of “time” for this article, the roast went on for just under five hours! But nobody really wanted to leave, we hung around for another hour just laughing and taking pictures with everybody. It was one of those nights I will never forget, as you don’t always get the opportunity to honor your idol. I don’t think Del knew coming in the door that evening that he had such a profound effect on so many people. He mentioned that it was one of the greatest nights of his life, and he said that right after his closest friends beat him up for five hours, like I said…..what a night.

Del Ballard Jr's Roast Video Presentation
Part 3


Del Ballard Jr's Roast Video Presentation
Part 4


Del Ballard Jr's Roast Video Presentation
Part 5


The Bowling News Kickoff & Demo Day - 2010

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